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Most aesthetic scene in an episode —> Always,Castle

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i found out today that my sociology teacher coached jensen ackles back in high school. you know what they do on baseball teams? they pat each others’ butts to show appreciation

so my sociology teacher has probably touched jensen’s butt, and i’ve not only shaken my sociology teacher’s hand, but i’ve also high fived it

therefore i’ve indirectly touch jensen ackles’ butt.

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jeez let them font already - c/b & sexual frustration

No Ryan but still cockblocked, poor dears.

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Fuck these bitches

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Kate Beckett is 47000% Done.

This is like the entire series.

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can i borrow your african american crayon? 


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such an amazing birthday yesterday.. can’t believe i’m finally 19

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post sex spooning is my fav

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hip-hop dance crazes (2000s)(part 2)

You did NOT forget Soulja boy!

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#quadbike #dayout #cruising #me #boyfriend #helmets #malta #funtimes ❤️

#quadbike #dayout #cruising #me #boyfriend #helmets #malta #funtimes ❤️

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#me  #helmets  #cruising  #dayout  #malta  #funtimes  #quadbike  #boyfriend